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  • Personal Inventory

    Master Tran's Weekly Message: "Personal Inventory!" - Just finished leading my monthly Instructor Leadership Meeting with our team. I walked away from the meeting feeling grateful that they gave me their time and I get to be surrounded by people I truly love. How lucky am I. - At our leadership meeting I was telling our team about taking a "personal inventory" of your life. Have you ever heard that? Well, you can start with something simple, like your closest, basement, of fice, etc... - You just begin to pick up each item and say, 'Does this thing bring me joy? Does it still serve me today? Or do I make an excuses for it based on history or hope?' - When you begin to do that, you ....

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  • Young Tigers "Focus Mitt" Home Practice Seminar

    Young Tigers "Focus Mitt" Home Practice Seminar Attention Young Tigers Parents!! We will be hosting a seminar on how to help your child to practice Tran's Martial Arts at home. Master Tran will help give you tips and helpful hits on how to be a great coach at home. We will give you a 10 minute routine that you can use and have your child start earning 'Life Skills' stripes while doing martial arts at home. The cost is $20 and the seminar will also include one hand 'focus mitt' for you to coach with at home. Location: Tran's Martial Arts (in our TransFit room) Date: Saturday, February 20th Time: 10:15-10:45 PM Cost: $20 Attendance: We will have you and your child work ....

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  • 20 Minute TRANSformation Meditation Clinic

    20 Minute TRANSformation Meditation Clinic For those of you who want to know how to relieve stress or find yourself anxious and worrying about the future, this clinic will help you to get started on your journey to alleviate some of that anxiety. Guided meditation can be appealing to some because you literally will be walked through the meditation one step at a time. You don't need to do anything but just sit there and let it happen. Location: Tran's Martial Arts (Main dojo room) Date: Wednesday, February 10th Time: 6:40-7:00 PM Cost: Free to the public We are excited to add Yoga to our programs at Tran's Martial Arts & Fitness Center. It will be every Tuesday ....

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  • Stress, Struggle & Sacrifice!

    Stress, Struggle & Sacrifice!

    How's your 2016 going so far? We're getting towards the end of January and I wanted to share some thoughts with you. Are you on track with your goals that you have set. Are you on track to create a lifestyle that you TRULY desire? Or are you settling for less than you DESERVE. For me, it's been one of the best start to a new year for awhile. I have set a roadmap for my goals this year and I am staying laser focus on reaching each and everyone of them. Today was a great day to end my month. Seeing the Tran's Tribe (students, families, and their friends) come out to the Private Screening of Kung Fu Panda 3 was amazing. We had the ....

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  • Voted Best of Boulder County!

    The team at Tran's Martial Arts and Fitness Center in Boulder are proud and honored to be announced the 2011 Best Martial Arts training center in Boulder County by Daily Camera "Best of Boulder Gold Awards"! Email or call us at (303) 402-9460 for a free one on one consultation to see what all the buzz is about. ....

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    Clients from Boulder, Gunnbarrel, Niwot and Superior have voted our Tran's Martial Arts in Boulder location the Best Martial Arts studio in the 2011 Boulder County Gold Awards! We take pride in winning this honor 10 of the past 14 years. Come see what people are buzzing about! ....

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  • My Heartfelt Thanks!

    I want to say a very heartfelt thank you for the program you designed at Tran's Martial Arts and Fitness Center. You have set people up to achieve something good at Tran’s – both in the physical challenge as well as the mental/emotional challenge in the end-of-class discussions/readings. You were even excited about Jag (Mr. Chakraborty) participating – you saw the potential in it for him, which is not common – most people see only his limitations. I know that his vision disability will bring challenges his way in life, but people like you and Mr. Meier will help him learn to turn those challenges into stepping stones towards greatness. This program is a huge piece of what will help ....

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  • Beyond My Wildest Dreams!

    Master Tran, Tran's Martial Arts and Fitness Center has had a profound effect on my life and that of my children. We started in January of this year, already the results are astounding. My five year old son is much more focused and even his teachers have commented on his respect and improved listening skills. My eight year daughter have become a much stronger and more confident person. As for me, I have stamina, balance and core strength, beyond my wildest dreams. I am a very spiritual person and have been in search of a practice that offers spiritual growth, as well as physical strength and wellbeing. I have found that at Tran's. For all of these things, I am grateful. Anne ....

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  • Something So Amazingly Different!

    Master Tran, As you know, I have been attending Tran’s for many years. I started out by coming to fitness classes and I became hooked on the Muay Thai Kickboxing program! It has literally changed my life. The program has taught me that there are no limitations to what I can achieve at almost 43 years old with the right attitude. There is something so amazingly different about this program. Never, have I felt like I was on my own here. The support from the Tran’s staff is immeasurable to any other fitness program I have been involved in. Mr. Meier has taught me so much about nutrition, strength training and pushing myself further than I ever imagined through his personal training ....

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  • A True Blessing!

    For years my son, Bill, has suffered from severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). He is 5’7”, and just two years ago he weighed 265 pounds. Because the symptoms of OCD were so extreme, Bill was almost totally dysfunctional, and his life was a constant battle, which it seemed he would never win. He had no friends, and was barely able to leave the house. The situation had become so desperate that I had just about given up hope. Then one day, after the Longmont Times-Call printed an article concerning our situation, I received a phone call from Tran’s Martial Arts and Fitness Center. It was Master Tran. He told me that he had read the article, and he believed that he could help ....

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  • Thanks For Everything

    I would really like to say thank you for everything. You, and Tran’s Martial Arts and Fitness Center have made such a positive impact on my life, especially my past two years in middle school. The life-lessons have really taught me how to handle situations the smart way. And, honestly, Tran’s is my favorite place to be, especially after having a bad day. The environment has been so positive and encouraging that it just brightens my day and makes me feel better no matter what has happened that day. Being a student at Tran’s has given me more confidence, a positive attitude, and better fitness. I have learned to respect myself and others through both the Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai ....

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  • Postive To So Many Aspects of My Life!

    I am not sure how to start, so I guess I would like to start out by just saying "Thank You." I can say with the utmost sincerity, that achieving my Instructor Certification is one of my greatest accomplishments, and one I am so proud of. My experience at Tran's has been so positive to so many aspects of my life. Thank you for believing in me and training me. I am so proud to call myself a Tran's student, and now instructor. The journey over the past few years was challenging and difficult. But through the support of you and your staff, as well as my peers that I have traveled with, this journey was the road that guided me back to having a positive attitutude. I am not the same person ....

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