My Heartfelt Thanks!

I want to say a very heartfelt thank you for the program you designed at Tran's Martial Arts and Fitness Center.

You have set people up to achieve something good at Tran’s – both in the physical challenge as well as the mental/emotional challenge in the end-of-class discussions/readings. You were even excited about Jag (Mr. Chakraborty) participating – you saw the potential in it for him, which is not common – most people see only his limitations. I know that his vision disability will bring challenges his way in life, but people like you and Mr. Meier will help him learn to turn those challenges into stepping stones towards greatness. This program is a huge piece of what will help him develop into a strong, confident, capable, and compassionate man.

I have been particularly impressed by Mr. Meier’s commitment to helping Jag succeed in class. He continues to try new things with Jag, and his flexibility in structuring the class is already working. Jag’s therapists and teachers have commented on differences in his focus, core strength, and balance – YEAH! I am honestly in awe of Mr. Meier’s combination of strength and tenderness, power and compassion. He is always hopeful, and his encouragement produces results (in both my kids and me!). Jag loves coming to class because of who Mr. Meier is. I feel blessed to have such a fantastic role model for Jag and Jenya.

Miss Merrifield is also wonderful in class – Jenya (Miss Chakraborty) enjoys having a female lead to watch and use as a healthy example of female strength. Miss Merrifield has a positive and energetic aura that is contagious.

I am addicted to the adult kickboxing classes and boot camp, and I look forward to being at Tran’s for a long time. Your team is amazing and I tell everyone I know about your program.

With much appreciation,

Julia Franklin

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