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Why Choose Tran's Martial Arts and Fitness?

At Tran's, we are building something uncommon. A place where we belong to each other, look out for each other, and build each other up. A place where individuals are celebrated, not sorted. In the Tran's Tribe, we are included, mentored, and encouraged.

We're more than just a gym. Tran's is a community of people all over Boulder County experiencing a transformation and connecting with one another like never before in our history. What does that mean? It means you have found a place to make an impact and people who care about you just as you are.

Join us for martial arts training, kickboxing, and a profound sense of community.

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My family has been part of the Tran's family since both my sons started taking classes there back in 2009. My youngest son was 6 then, and my oldest was 12. Now, 6 years later, my youngest son is still a proud member of the Tran's family. He earned his 1st degree Black Belt in Muay Thai a year ago, and is working his way towards his 2nd degree Black Belt right now. He also volunteers at Trans as a Junior Instructor working with the very youngest members there. When we began, he was a super energetic, overly confident, assertive and often aggressive child. Through the positive instruction he received from Master Tran and EVERY OTHER instructor that is now at Trans, or has ever been at Trans, he has evolved into a still energetic, still confident, but now controlled young man. He has learned the right way to use his energy, and how to be a role model. He is strongly committed to the ethics of Martial Arts, which include high grades and personal integrity. The environment at Trans is supportive yet demanding. He knows that he is expected to do his best in every aspect of his life, and that comes directly from this time at Trans. As I mom, I would say the best decision I ever made for my son was fitting Trans into his life. It wasn't always easy, and at times it was downright hard, but I have never done anything more important than encourage his time at Trans. In spite of the few, clearly fraudulent remarks below from some guy that kept changing his name to try to fool us, Trans is a place of integrity and family. Do yourself a favor, come check it out. Any day of the week you will find a team of people working together to encourage personal growth, fitness, and a team environment. You won't find anyplace better.

Kids Martial Arts near Longmont

Marie Preitauer

Professional, clean and organized! Trans has been life changing for our daughter during the past 2 years as a student of Mr. Tran's Muay Thai classes. Mr. Tran's approach to self discipline has helped with following rules at home and in the classroom. We love the "message of the month" to show the students that martial arts is more than just self defense - it's more about respect and good judgment. Our family would highly recommend Tran's. Thank you Mr. Tran for all you do! Joe, Laura and Mae Hickey

Kids Martial Arts near Longmont

Joe Hickey

I have been taking kickboxing classes at Trans for the past couple months. One of my favorite things about the program is how Master Tran mixes up the workout each week. Every class is different, with a variety of warm-up exercises and different muscles worked, and it keeps class fun and interesting. The kickboxing class is a great workout for all abilities, as Master Tran is very encouraging but never pressures anyone to do more than they physically can. However, expect to leave tired! I have kickboxed at a couple other studios in Northern Colorado in the past, and this has been my favorite experience. I would definitely recommend it!

Kids Martial Arts near Longmont

Kathryn Harris

My family has been going to Tran's for 3 years and it has far exceeded our expectations. My two boys are in the junior Muay Thai program which they love - they are learning proper technique, respect, safety, and having fun. Tran's has a wonderful family atmosphere and Master Tran clearly cares for the students and works with them to help them achieve their best, both in the gym and in daily life (school, work, etc). My husband and I attend the kickboxing class which is an amazing workout. I also like the fact that Tran's has such a variety - Crossfit, Krav Maga, Yoga, Muay Thai. There is always something new to try and give you new challenges.

Kids Martial Arts near Longmont

Amy Schluessler

We love Master Trans and his team! My children do classes here two times/week and we recently had my six year old's birthday party here. Master Trans made it very special for all the kids and even let Rose cut the cake with a samurai sword! I love the intensity and discipline of martial arts at Tran's. They do a great job and my kids are better people as a result.

Kids Martial Arts near Longmont

Carmen Sample

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