Something So Amazingly Different!

Master Tran,

As you know, I have been attending Tran’s for many years. I started out by coming to fitness classes and I became hooked on the Muay Thai Kickboxing program! It has literally changed my life. The program has taught me that there are no limitations to what I can achieve at almost 43 years old with the right attitude.

There is something so amazingly different about this program. Never, have I felt like I was on my own here. The support from the Tran’s staff is immeasurable to any other fitness program I have been involved in. Mr. Meier has taught me so much about nutrition, strength training and pushing myself further than I ever imagined through his personal training and I thank him for that. I can see my body starting to transform and my confidence level rising.

Our family has faced the toughest year of our life last year after the loss of our son Nate in a tragic car accident. I credit so much to where I am today to the Tran’s Kickboxing Program. I was encouraged to keep coming to class even though I felt like giving up. Continuing was one of the best decisions I ever made. I not only get the best physical work there is, but I release so much stress and built up tension. I feel amazing after giving 100% in a class and taking time for myself, it has helped me grow stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. Nothing feels better after a tough day.

I am so excited about my two youngest daughters starting the program! I know this will help them become strong, confident and respectful young ladies who will be able to defend themselves if needed.

I am so proud to say that later this year I will be a part of the Tran’s team as a licensee owner of a Tran’s school! Thank you so much for believing in me when it was hard to move on. You have changed my life and I cannot wait to help others change theirs.


Anita Gray

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