A True Blessing!

For years my son, Bill, has suffered from severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). He is 5’7”, and just two years ago he weighed 265 pounds.

Because the symptoms of OCD were so extreme, Bill was almost totally dysfunctional, and his life was a constant battle, which it seemed he would never win. He had no friends, and was barely able to leave the house. The situation had become so desperate that I had just about given up hope.

Then one day, after the Longmont Times-Call printed an article concerning our situation, I received a phone call from Tran’s Martial Arts and Fitness Center. It was Master Tran. He told me that he had read the article, and he believed that he could help my son. I thanked him for his concern and explained that having spent so much money on medical bills over the years, at this time I simply could not afford to pay for such a program. His response was, “Don’t worry about that, Mr. Sullivan.”

I was surprised, excited, and deeply moved by his compassion. Shortly there after, my son started working out at Tran’s Martial Arts and Fitness Center. At first, it was extremely difficult for Bill, because of his OCD. There were times when he could not even get out of the car, let alone go inside and work out. Master Tran suggested that I work out along with Bill. He also counseled him on his eating habits. I could tell that Bill felt a kinship with Master Tran, who shared with us that, in his youth, he had experienced many problems of his own.

Gradually, my son began to show improvement. He was losing weight, and the routine was becoming much easier for him. For many months we worked out three times a week, until Bill had progressed to a point that he wanted to participate in kickboxing classes. Now, a little over a year later, my son has lost 127 pounds. His mental attitude has improved remarkably. And he has earned his Yellow Belt in kickboxing.

There are no words to appropriately express my gratitude, so I will simply say that this experience has been a true blessing for both my son and me. As far as we are concerned, Master Tran and his staff, not only set the standard for excellence in martial arts, but in the spirit of humanity, as well.

Darrell Sullivan

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